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Graduated from the FAD Faculty of Arts and Design with honorable mention, and Postgraduate in Arts at the San Carlos Academy UNAM. He has done visual studies in the city of New York, E.U. with reference to visual art and new technologies.

For more than two decades he has made creative and art proposals that involve catalogs, paintings, murals, urban art and sculptures, for corporate companies such as Shell, SCT, VW, Nissan, Lucent Technologies, and political parties, among others.

His work has been shown and marketed in several exhibitions and is part of collectors inside and outside of México.

Currently most of the time is dedicated to the production of easel visual work, large format and mural, for exhibition and marketing in galleries.

He has been a professor at the Faculty of Arts and Design of the UNAM for more than a decade, consolidating his knowledge and experience in the visual heritage and his work discourse.

The materials and techniques used have gone through many processes of evaluation and experimentation, using old methods with traditional and lasting procedures, in the oils, acrylics and encaustic that the artist prepares and applies.